Finding What We Are For

Last year, I gave up social media for several months – deleted my apps, just went cold turkey. And I loved it.

Now, this isn’t a social media bashing post. After all, how did you find out this post was up in the first place? Probably Facebook or Instagram. Social media is a very powerful tool that has the ability to shape our world.

But, I began to not like the way it was shaping my world – my thoughts and emotions. Post after post was an exposition on everything negative in our world. Suddenly, we were no longer “sharing” our lives and expressing our “likes” for each other, but forcing our disagreements and long-held opinions on one another.

Agreeing to disagree became a thing of the past. Friends couldn’t be friends if (fill in the blank). If you thought one thing, then that made you this. We were breaking all the rules of reasoning and falling into logical fallacies right and left.

I began to buy into it. I could list all the things that I was against, and that list was growing each day – each scroll, each “like.”

In fact, take a minute right now, and make a mental list all the things that you are against.

Got it?

Now, take a minute and list all the things you are for.

Which list was harder to make?

I’m not going to lie: I made my against list a little faster.

Our minds go so quickly and easily to the things that we are against, but what are we for?

What is God for? We know what He is against; we know that God hates sin. After all, we are told to do the same in Romans 12:9, “Abhor evil; hold fast to what is good.”

But what is God for? When I think about that, my mind goes immediately to John 3:16, “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.”

God sent Jesus because He loves the world. Notice that it didn’t say that God sent Jesus because the world was so bad, so ugly and broken. Of course it was and is, but that’s not why God sent His Son.

He was and is always for us, even when we are bad, ugly, and broken. Our sin makes us that way, but God is still for us.

Romans 5:8 says, “But God shows His love for us in that when we were still sinners, Christ died for us.”

God is for the world. He is for us. He is for you.

That should change the way we view our world and help us to shape our “for” list:

I am for my community. I am for my church. I am for strong marriages and relationships. I am for ice cream cones shared with my dog. I am for singing made-up songs with my husband in the car. I am for sharing my heart and growing stronger. I am for pouring out my heart in worship.

I am for people. I am for you.

What are you for? Think about it, and share that today.

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