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Living Intentionally
Brian Greenleaf

Living for My Audience of One

I’m sure all of you have heard the phrase “audience of one.” Whether it’s in the sports world, workplace, or some other arena, the question to be answered…

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Tim Fehl

Thanking God in the Moment

he time had finally come. We just couldn’t take it anymore. There on the end table in our living room sat the last of the thank you notes from our wedding…

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Living Intentionally
Kim Greenleaf

Keeping Your Eyes on Jesus

Have you ever thought about the intricate design of the human eye? Did you know that the eye is the second most complex organ…

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Living Intentionally
B.J. VanKirk

Reaching Your Own Summits

There are currently 200 bodies on Mount Everest. These bodies are from failed expeditions to either summit the mountain…

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