The Worship Ministry of Washington Alliance Church exists to make much of Christ through engaging in United, Authentic, and Excellent Spirit-led worship.  We believe that worship is not a performance and it is so much more than singing.  It is about bring ourselves genuinely into the presence of God.  Scripture is filled with the examples of the power of God being poured out in worship.   It is that pouring out of the Spirit of God that we desire to see in our worship.  We desire to connect people to God’s heart so that they might be changed in His presence.  We operate in a predominantly contemporary worship style, although you will still hear some hymns being sung.  We utilize a modern worship band that features drums, piano, guitars, and vocals.  Even in this we believe the heart matters so much more than the presentation.  Our vision is to become a church where Christ receives the most possible glory,  a congregation that engages in worship that honors and glorifies the Lord and to be vulnerable in our worship so that the Spirit of God may lead us and speak to us as we worship Him. We seek to become a congregation that passionately and expressively worships the Lord in song and with our lives.


It is our to develop a team of worship leaders whose heart is to worship the Lord and to engage others in the wonders of His Presence.  Opportunites exist to serve as a musician, vocalist or audio/visual engineer.  If God blessed you with the ability and the heart to serve Him and you would like to learn more about how to take the first steps in getting involved please contact our Director of Worship Tim Fehl at  We look forward to serving with you!