living life together

We do this through connecting first and foremost with God and then to our church community through our Sunday morning services, our groups, and campaigns like the Pray for Me Campaign.



Common Interest Group

Church League softball

Play some softball this summer with some pretty great people from Washington Alliance! They play every week starting May 23rd, and games start at 6:30 p.m. in Taylorstown, PA. Men and women are welcome to play. You just have to be 16 or older to participate. A fee will be collected once the size of the team is determined.

Bible study, Topic Study, Life Stage Group, etc.


Interested in facilitating a group? Contact the church office, and we will help you get started. A group can be based around many topics: a book of the Bible, an age group, a life stage, common interests, sermons, etc.

Use our Sermon Talks questions in your group this week to spark discussion or in your own quiet time. Each week, we will provide you with new questions! Dig in, and go a little deeper with each week’s Sermon Talks. 

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