at Washington Alliance

Meet Josalyn King


Josalyn loves to work with children, and she and her husband, JD, are currently in the thick of homeschooling their daughter, Bella, while looking forward to homeschooling their son Thomas this year. Josalyn & JD have taken in her two nephews Camren in August 2023 and Jacob in August 2022. Josalyn has been married to JD since October 2010 but they have know each other since 7th grade.

Having attended Washington Alliance for three years, Josalyn became a part-time member of the staff in March of 2018. While her education and work background are primarily in the medical field, Josalyn finds great fulfillment in working with the children of Washington Alliance and their parents, as well as working behind the scenes to make our Children’s Ministry flow smoothly. Josalyn took a new role in April of 2022 as the churches Administrative Assistant. She loves being able to help those that call in or that may stop by the office through out the week. As well as a lot more of behind the scenes work.