July 26, 2020
This week we hear from our Youth Director B.J. VanKirk. He brings us a message of faith and trust in God even in the midst of the tough times of…

Jesus is Lord

January 5, 2020
Our Youth Director B.J. VanKirk, brings us into the new year with a challenge to evaluate wether we have truly allowed Jesus to be our Lord and not just our…

Renewed, Restored, Reborn

December 30, 2018
Our Youth Director, B.J. Vankirk leads us into the new year with his message on getting back to the path God has laid out for each of us.

Next Steps: Connect

September 23, 2018
Listen in as our youth director, B.J. Vankirk, talks about how we create community here at Washington Alliance and connect with one another through groups and churchwide campaigns, like the…