at Washington Alliance

At Washington Alliance, we believe that taking that step and acting in faith, whether that be serving in a ministry, volunteering in our community of Washington, or crossing oceans to build houses, is essential. 

Looking to serve? Start here. Check out our listing of ministry needs and opportunities below. 

If you’re interested in a specific serving opportunity, just check out the list of needs in each ministry at the bottom of this page, and then, fill out the form below. A staff member will get into contact with you to get you started.


Sunday morning team


Welcome Kiosk workers

Information Desk workers

Runners (taking guests to different locations)

Parking lot workers

Special events team

Set-up workers

Tear-down & clean-up workers

Cooks/ servers


Tech & Sound Team

Sound board operator

Video camera operator

Computer operator (running lyrics and presentations)

Worship TEam

Acoustic guitar

Electric guitar

Bass guitar




Other (flute, strings, etc.)

Stage design team

Creative designers


Uptown Kids

sunday morning team

Infant nursery worker

Guest Kid Check worker

Host for elementary large group time

Bible storyteller for elementary large group time

Regular attendee Kid Check worker

Small group leader substitutes

Wednesday evening team (AWANA)

Cafe cook & server

AWANA worker

Fusion 127 Youth

Small group leader (Wednesdays)

Event chaperone

Sunday group leader

Host (for hosting events at your home)



Interior wall painter

Plumber/electrical professional

Chair team member

Security team member

Community Outreach

City Mission Thursdays