Caring for Our Bodies While on Mission for Christ

This summer was a whirlwind, and I don’t believe I am the only person who experienced this. Summer schedules get crazy. Between regular work weeks, family gatherings, mission trips, youth conferences, and vacation bible school, I was busy! I’m sure it will be a summer that I can look back on with a number of memories, but I am welcoming some normalcy in my life.

One area that I neglected in my life over the summer was what I was putting in my body. The convenience of fast food, drinking whatever was available (or would give me energy), and indulging in any special treat I could was a norm over the last couple months.

A couple observations on this:

We as Americans are super spoiled to have such choices of food at our fingertips every day, and although my body doesn’t reflect my diet from the outside, I have been feeling it on the inside in my energy levels and sleeping patterns.

After a week of vacation to end my summer, I realized I needed to correct this. So, for the month of September, I am planning on cutting out pop and other sugary drinks and making sure I’m drinking a certain amount of water each day. It’s not a diet or anything scientific, simply a step of better health.

My decision is partly based off the fact that I personally just need a change to get me back into my routines.

Another reason is that God has called me to glorify Him in all I do. He has also purposed me to serve Him and to reach other with the gospel. I get convicted that He would like us to care for our bodies to a certain degree so that we can carry out his mission to the best of our abilities.

We are His creation, and we should care for it the best we can. That looks different for everyone, but I believe we should at least consider the things we are eating and drinking.

For me, I’m starting by drinking water for a month. I think I can handle that. We will see what is next after that. Is anyone else willing to join me?