Taking Time to Slow Down

Work, baseball lessons, small group, family time, grocery shopping, connecting with friends, church, meetings, chores, date night, errands – and the list goes on. I hear it said from parents, teens, family members, and probably from my own lips that we, as a society/culture, seem busier than ever.

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Living for My Audience of One

I’m sure all of you have heard the phrase “audience of one.” Whether it’s in the sports world, workplace, or some other arena, the question to be answered is “Who am I doing this for?” Some people work tirelessly their entire lives for the approval of others, while some are much less concerned what others may think.

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Reaching Your Own Summits

There are currently 200 bodies on Mount Everest. These bodies are from failed expeditions to either summit the mountain or descend from its peak. Most bodies of the deceased are left on the mountain; it is their final resting place because it is too dangerous and costly to try and retrieve them for their families.

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Living in the Season Before You

I went to a local grocery store a couple weeks ago just looking for a case of Pepsi for our elders meeting that night. Pretty quickly, I found what I needed and headed for the self-checkout. As I was going through the scanning process, I noticed an employee by herself by a little kiosk, just standing there.

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