A Change of Pace

“It is the Lord who goes before you. He will be with you; he will not leave you or forsake you. Do not fear or be dismayed.” – Deuteronomy 31:8

This may be one of the oddest and most troubling times of my 31-year-old life. This is a season of unknown, hardships, frustration, and changes, and sometimes, it just seems a little scary. COVID-19 and the orders of social distancing have changed our lives rapidly. 

I recognize that there are many people dealing with this virus on a more personal level than I am. There are people that are sick from it or know someone who has it, those that are on the front lines battling this virus each day, or those with jobs that are potentially exposing them to the coronavirus. I pray for healings, protection, and answers moving forward.

Jesus, I praise you for your constant hand in our lives. May we not forget what you have done for us in the past. We recognize you as Lord over all life, including this virus that has put our world to a stop. Jesus, may you be with those most affected by COVID-19. May there be healing to the sick, protection to those who are more vulnerable because of work conditions, age, and health. Lord, would you be with families as finances get tighter and home life is turned upside down.

May we be able to see you in the midst of this season, and Lord, may your will be done. Jesus, may we look to see what you have in this time for us and what that means for our walk with you moving forward. Amen.

I will be honest. The first week or two of this stay at home order was a welcome change to my life. My work schedule hasn’t changed much, just the type of work and the way I do it has. For some time, I was getting frustrated with the busyness of life, not just my own but the way our world functions now.  Not too long ago, I told my wife:

“I long for simpler times in our life and slower days, where life isn’t in such a hurry.”

I didn’t think about that statement much at the time and don’t believe it was any type of prophesy, but I did remember saying it shortly after our world shut down. So, these last few weeks have been, mostly, a welcome slow-down to my life. I understand the bigger issue at hand and am by no means “happy” about our world’s situation, but I have embraced the slow-down. In that regard, I have praised God for this opportunity.

My wife and I, like many of you, have been able to do major cleaning and organizing! My future self will thank me when I plan my next hunting trip. Everything is in boxes and labeled, ready to go and easy to find.

So, as I look to take advantage of this slower paced life, I am taking note of what is most important. What do I need in my life, and what do I want to take with me moving forward?

Quiet time with Jesus, cooking with Alyssa, family time, reading more books, and enjoying my hobbies (some I can’t do right now and really miss!)

I have also had more conversations about faith in recent weeks than I normally do. Life has been put in perspective. Where is my gaze? During hard times and when life is back to normal, where is my heart focused? Life has slowed down, and for my personal life, I praise God that I have been able to slow down too.